The Anatomy of a Kitchen Interior Photograph

A favourite shot from the last few months is this kitchen with bespoke, handmade units and part York stone flagged floor.

As you can see, this was the ideal angle to take a photo of the room from as it shows off the stone and red cedar wood flooring, as well as the staircase.

There was a bit of help in lighting this kitchen as, just out of shot, on the right hand side there was a window which let in some nice light. To give the natural light a helping hand, a flash was placed next to the window, bouncing off the wall towards the dining table. A flash was also placed at the top of the stairs, pointing directly upwards which lights the exposed brickwork. Another flash was hand-held above camera left and bounced off the wall/ceiling. This has lit the bottom of the stairs and the back of the chair at the near end of the dining table. As it wasn’t very bright outside, the shot needed to be a 1 second exposure which has finely balanced the ambient light and flashes.
Photograph of bespoke hand-made Kitchen in York

This supplementary shot shows off the unique handmade kitchen units.