Holiday Let Photography

High quality, professional photography for holiday cottages and apartments is essential.  We’ve all looked through the websites searching for holidays and personally the photographs are one of the main decision makers for me.  There is usually a wide selection of properties to choose from and unlike buying of renting you don’t need to worry too much about the exact location.  For a city break as long as you are in the thick of it and close to the things you want to see then you may well be swayed by those alluring photos which sell you the dream.


No one wants to go on holiday to a place where the owners haven’t even bothered to get decent photos, it just shows a lack of care and attention, and what else might they have neglected?


We work closely with owners and agents to ensure the results are first class. We advise on dressing and staging to help sell the lifestyle.  It’s important to take a selection of shots that show the space but also those details to transport people to the destination and start to dream about their holiday.


Using eye-catching professional photography can pay dividends, unlike selling or letting a house the images will work for you time and time again attracting new guests consistently.


Check out our portfolio of recent work to see for yourself.

How to Dress Your Property for Photography – The Bathroom

The bathroom might seem like an odd room to begin with as we start looking at how to dress your property ready for photography. But bear with us. The kitchen is probably the most important room when it comes to selling your house but also offers a far bigger styling challenge. The bathroom, on the other hand, is fairly simple. So we’re going to start there.

Let’s start with the principles. The important thing to remember is that people don’t spend very long studying images when looking for property to buy. They flick through images and only slow down when they see something that captures their interest.

Why does styling make a difference?

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Kitchens help sell your home

Selling your home with success

We all dream of selling our home quickly at the asking price and for the sale to go smoothly. If we’re honest some of us even expect this to happen, and why wouldn’t it? We love our home and expect others to feel the same.

But like all dreams YOU have to make them come true…not just hope for the best and trust to luck. We’ve been working in the property industry for years and have seen dreams come true as well as see them shattered.

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Should I furnish my empty house for selling?

Should I furnish my empty house for selling is a common dilemma faced by homeowners, landlords, property developers and anybody looking to sell a property.
A quick straw poll of our photographers gives a resounding YES! We all believe that furniture makes a massive difference to how a property feels and subsequently its saleability and the price achieved. Let us explain why you should furnish your empty house before selling.
1. Spatial awareness doesn’t come naturally to most of us
However good we think we are at imaging things in a space, it’s really really difficult to do it accurately by imagination alone. That’s why loads of places suggest making sofas and beds out of cardboard boxes and paper to give you an idea of how they will work in a room before you buy them.

2. It’s not how we live.
Most people don’t live in completely empty houses with nothing in them. So straight away it’s an unnatural environment for anyone viewing the home.

3. It makes it more difficult for us to imagine living there

We all like to imagine ourselves living in a house with all our things before we buy it. But it’s a lot harder for us to imagine our dining table when there’s none there to start with. Or our bed, or sofa, or wardrobe, or coffee table…(you get the idea)

4. It’s harder to tell how a room should (or could) be used
We all know a master bedroom needs a bed, some bedside tables, a couple of lamps and a wardrobe but where do they go and how does the room work with them in? And what about bedroom 3, is it big enough to fit a double bed or is it only really usable as a study? Without the furniture we just don’t really know. Sure we could bring a tape measure and mock up a double bed in the space in two dimensions but even then it’s hard to tell how much space it takes up in three dimensions and how the room feels with it in.


furnishing-house-to-sell-01-2 furnishing-house-to-sell-09

5. It’s nearly impossible to tell how large open plan spaces could be used

By their very nature, open plan spaces tend to be flexible

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Getting ready to sell your property

We often get asked how best to stage and style a home ready for our visit when we call to make the appointment. Unfortunately by the time we are calling it is usually too late, unless you live extremely tidily or you are happy to wait a week or two whilst you prepare. One of our photographers has recently sold their own property and it took almost three weeks of meticulous decluttering and preparation to ensure that the shots were as good as they could be.
We often hear a whole host of reasons why the property is not presented very well from running out of time to messy children and my favourite one, that if people saw very tidy photos they would be disappointed on the viewing!!
It is well documented that a clean and tidy home sells quicker and for more money, so why would you choose to overlook the presentation of your home for the photographs and viewings?

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