Exposure York now offering Virtual Staging for Estate Agents

We are often asked to photograph new builds or newly renovated properties that are unfurnished. The resulting photos do tend to show off how new and pristine the rooms are but usually look bland without any furniture or decorations.

As you can see below, although this bedroom is newly decorated and nicely finished, it lacks any sort of character with the room being so plain and empty.

bedroom before virtual staging York

To actually stage a property or room can cost a lot of money and run in to many hundreds, even thousands of pounds and takes a lot of time and effort to get the furniture through the door. Imagine the time and effort of having to get a top floor apartment fully furnished!

What we can do is “virtually” stage the room with the appropriate furniture (a bed, chest of drawers, etc.)   As you can see below, the room looks much more complete and you can get a good feel for what the room will look like when fully furnished.

Bedroom after Virtual Staging for estate agents

You can see that the virtual staging gives the room more character and also gives the viewer an insight in to what can be done to the room as far as furnishing it goes. We have an extensive portfolio of furniture for all sorts of rooms.

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