uncapped potential

Digital services encompasses everything that is done to an image after it has been taken. This can range from simple image processing to advanced Photoshopping work adding blue skies and adding or removing other major elements from the scene.

To get the best results from our camera we shoot in a file format known as RAW. This requires processing to convert it into an image suitable for everyday use. Usually this will involve tweaks to white balance (colour cast), brightness and contrast to get the images looking a good as possible. Sometimes the work will be slightly more involved, a good example is a North facing house at a time of year when the sun doesn’t reach the front aspect. We are able to use our skills to transform what would otherwise be an uninviting, dark, shady photography into something much more pleasing and inviting.

Staging of a property can be an expensive and time consuming task. While virtual staging doesn’t compete with a property that has been fully staged in real life it offers a much more cost effective way to represent spaces and help potential purchasers understand what is on offer. A range of typical home furnishings can be added to rooms including sofas, dining tables, ornaments, beds and pictures, transforming a house from a series of empty rooms into a home.





At Exposure, our talents don’t just end with photography. Our digital services mean we are also known to lay lawns, remove diggers, take down agents boards, paint garage doors and lay block paving (from the comfort of our desks of course). This is a great tool for marketing properties where the external ground work have not yet been completed or even just to save on a revisit if the change is something small like painting a garage door. The results are often so realistic, we always recommend including a footnote with the photographs.

Unfortunately, try as we might, it’s not always possible to take exterior photographs in glorious sunshine with blue sky all around. There will be occasions where urgency is required over decent weather or where skies are partly cloudy. In these circumstances we are able to use our finely honed Photoshop skills to replace grey skies with much more pleasing blue ones. Unfortunately, for now at least, our transformation skills don’t extend to the real world. Boo!