Dusk Photography season arrives to properties in Yorkshire

The return of GMT sees property photographers donning their winter jackets and head torches for a resurgence in dusk photography across Yorkshire. Of course, here at Exposure Property Marketing, we can carry out dusk photographs for you at any time of year but the earlier evenings do make the hours much more sociable!

Night photography is great for getting your house to stand out from the crowd, particularly on portals like rightmove and zoopla where their unique nature can help to increase click through rates. Timing dusk shots is absolutely critical and you normally have a window of only 5 minutes in which to take the best photographs. Earlier and they can just look like a dull day, too late and there isn’t enough ambient light or any colour in the sky.

This short window of opportunity can often restrict you to only getting one angle of a property, although with careful planning and a bit of luck on your side you may be able to get a front and rear shot.

This property in Tadcaster is situated in an elevated position above the road level. This called for our biggest tripod which is quite a whopper at around ten foot when fully extended and requires a tall step ladder for the photographer to see through the lens. Adrian can be seen demonstrating this expertly in the photograph below.
So if you are looking for a unique way to show off one of your properties, get in touch today and we’ll help get your property noticed.

Tadcaster Dusk (3)

dusk photograph of house

Property photography at night