Straight up Brilliant

Elevated photography is the perfect way to wow a potential purchaser. A simple tool. A simply fantastic result.

Hillside properties, buildings with land, tall hedges and fences are all perfect reasons to get a shot from an elevated perspective. Elevated photography is a fantastic way to explain how a property sits in relation to its surroundings, something which can be difficult to do in a photograph. It can transform a humble bungalow into a clifftop showstopper or a hidden townhouse into a handsome hideaway. Countryside views no longer needed to be hidden behind a normal front external. Now you can show it all.

We use a portable nine metre mast that can go anywhere we can. Many masts are vehicle mounted, restricting positioning to somewhere suitable for vehicle access. Steep hillside and manicured lawns are off limits. But not at Exposure, where our mast can be positioned on boggy ground, abutting buildings and even that manicured putting green! The mast is made up of six extendable sections and we mount the same high end SLR we use for internals on the top.


Individual Residences

Whether a mid-terrace or marvellous manor house, showing a property’s setting can be a great selling tool. Standing out from the crowd is easy with the use of elevated photography to show off an enviable setting or the extent of outbuildings.

Building Plots and Developments

Elevated mast photography provides a useful perspective when it comes to plots and developments. It’s much easier to see the size of the plot and the surrounding area and can help potential purchasers visualise how and where a property might sit. An elevated viewpoint can also be a great way to show off complete developments giving a great idea of the area.

Holiday Lets

Often blessed with a beautiful setting elevated mast photography can be a great way to stand out on booking websites and tell potential holiday makers about not just the property, but its setting too. Often there will only be one shot to grab people’s attention so you want to make sure it’s the best photograph possible. If your property is in the York, Leeds, Wetherby, Harrogate, Malton, Selby or anywhere near Yorkshire then get in touch and see what elevated mast photography could do for you.


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