Estate Agents – Blue Sky Thinking

Try as we might, it’s just not possible to photograph every aspect of every property on a sunny day with a blue sky. Often it will be a sunny day but half the sky is grey and sometimes there will be blue sky but no sun. There is also the issue that you can’t have sun on both the front and back at the same time. We’d need two suns for that luxury!

Fortunately we have a few tricks up our sleeve. We can make a return visit to re-take the offending exterior photographs on a sunnier day. This obviously requires there to be suitable sunny weather and can take weeks at certain times of the year. Sometimes, to combat the issue of getting both the front and rear in sun we can time our visit to shoot the front on arrival and the rear when we leave (or vice versa). This does require the house to align suitably however and is not an option in the majority of cases.

Often the best compromise can be to add blue skies to the original shot. We have an exclusive and extensive library of blue skies to choose from for all the seasons of the year so we can match the skies perfectly to the photo. This helps the photograph grab the audience’s attention and can vastly improve even the dullest of external photos.

Below are a few examples of where we have added blue skies to great effect.
This first example is a property we photographed on a sunny day but, as you can see, there were dark clouds looming behind the house.Blue Sky Thinking (1)
Dropping in a blue sky behind the property certainly gives the photo a lift and looks very natural
Blue Sky Thinking (2)
This second example is an external shot of a property that was taken on a dull and wet day. This is the unedited picture:
Blue Sky Thinking (3)
This is with a blue sky added and some minor levels/contrast tweaks in photoshop to make the photo ‘pop’:
Blue Sky Thinking (4)

Please get in touch if you think an estate agents blue sky would help get your shots more attention.