Good Floor Plans. Why do I need them when selling my home?

Floor plans come in many guises. Some properties don’t have them at all, some have basic plans (that are often wrong) and other have what we would describe as a good plan.

It’s widely acknowledged that a floorplan of your property is an extremely important tool when selling. Buyers want to see them. This can be for numerous reasons;

– Helping to remember your property. Often purchasers will have looked at a number of properties and it can be difficult for them to remember exactly which house had what without the reminder of a floorplan.

– Planning how to use the space. With a floor plan in front of them potential purchasers can sit at home and pore over the plan thinking about where they would put their tables, chairs and beds.

– Planning Alterations. This is where a good floorplan is really important. Often potential purchasers like to consider the possibility of making alterations such as enlarging a bathroom, knocking walls down and building extensions. This may be particularly true for houses in need of renovation but is also true for ‘finished’ homes as well. It gives the potential buyer an option of adding value or allowing the house to grow with their family. A good house plan will show different wall thicknesses within a property, as well as offsets, nooks and other structural intrusions which make it much easier to work out how easy any alteration might be.

Good floor plans will show a number of things like a North arrow, room names and dimensions (including arrows where there may be ambiguity), overall square footage and the square footage of each floor. A good plan should also show accurate internal wall thicknesses, areas of restricted head height, chimney breasts and built in furniture. It’s also important that they show angles and curves accurately so that you are not misrepresenting your property.

Our plans are not like most other plans. They show everything mentioned above and most importantly they are accurate. We use a specially developed piece of tablet based floor plan software that allows us to record size, shape and details just not possible with traditional pen and paper. Our way of drawing also removes any errors often introduced when sketched plans are drawn up in CAD by someone completely different and often based in another country, a practice common in the industry.

An accurate plan inspires confidence in the house, agent and home owner. Confidence is key in achieving maximum value and a committed buyer.