Our Property Photographers go the Extra Mile

It’s really important when you get your house photographed by us you’re fully prepared to ensure you get the best results. You can actually take a look at another blog we have written that gives you an idea of how the house can be prepared for our arrival here

However, given the pressures of modern life we understand that, in some cases, not everything is 100% perfect before we arrive.   Where time allows we’re happy to give a helping hand moving items out of shot. Whether the items are large or small, this is part and parcel of our job. Be it moving small items off kitchen worktops to declutter, giving a hand moving a child’s cot from a bedroom to create some space, or re-arranging furniture, we’re happy to do this. We would, however, draw the line at doing the washing up or spring cleaning!

One of our photographers had a much bigger than normal item to move recently… A camper van! Fortunately the photographer didn’t have another job to go to straight after.

The van was parked in front of the vendor’s house so needed to be moved for a nice clear view of the front elevation of the property. Unfortunately, when the owner tried to start the van, nothing, no power or anything! The van’s battery was totally flat but luckily our photographer was carrying a pair of jump leads in the boot of his car. The van was jump-started and promptly moved out of the way. Time was of the essence too, as the sun was rapidly moving off the front of the property. The photographer managed to get the shot he wanted and the vendor was very happy with the results, and the service that they received from us.

This is the shot with the camper van to the right of the picture (and the owners’ car to the left):


Below is the one without either. Much better!


We’re by no means a vehicle breakdown service or a Kim and Aggie style cleaning company, but we will go that extra mile to make sure the photos and service we deliver are of the highest quality!