Prepare your home to get the best photographs

Prepare your home to help get the best photographs.

As a home owner wanting to sell their property it’s difficult to know how best to prepare, not just for the photography but also viewings.

As a photographer it’s great arriving to a property and finding the owner has prepared their property for the photographs, it makes our job very much more straight forward allowing us to concentrate 100% on taking photographs, not spending time tidying.

It’s important that a property is clean and tidy but not void of personal possessions, it needs to feel like a home.

Here are 3 simple tips that can make the world of difference when presenting a house.

  1. Clean and up to date

Probably the most important bit of advice is keeping your property clean, tidy and clutter free! This might sound obvious but a lot of vendors are unsure about how far to go when presenting their home to potential house buyers. It’s a fine line between removing clutter and removing possessions that make your house a home.

Kitchen with bifold doors to garden. Property marketing photograph

Keep kitchen surfaces free of washing up liquid, papers towels and oven gloves. Also really important is to remove pans, cereal boxes and anything else from above wall cupboards as this indicates insufficient storage space.

Well prepared bedroom ready for property photographer

Eliminate clutter from underneath the bed and the top of cupboards, make sure the beds are made and any dressing gowns having been put away.

Tidy bathroom for sale photographs

Remove toiletries, cleaning products and any mismatching towels from the bathroom. Less is more when it comes to towels.

External photograph of well prepared house for sale

Move any vehicles from in front of the house and hide any bins out of sight.

edwardian living room with log burner interior photograph York

Kids! We love them but they sure are messy, tidy any children’s toys away from house and garden.

  1. Last minute DIY jobs

Those pesky little DIY jobs that you have been meaning to sort out for years, touching up of any paint, the little bit of grout in the bathroom and making sure all the lightbulbs are in working order. These are the details that can really stand out in a photograph.

  1. Finishing touches

Flowers always look great and can bring a room together in a warm and homely manor and those small details and nick-nacks can really make you home stand out from the rest.

Finishing Touches

For more information on presenting you home please visit our ‘preparing for our visit’ page.