Outstanding results

Just having property photographs of your building isn’t good enough anymore. In a world full of great visual imagery your listings aren’t just being judged by prospective purchasers but the quality of your marketing material by potential customers too. It’s not a question of whether you can afford to use a professional but whether you can afford to be using anything other than brilliant photography.

Almost everything you own has been photographed professionally. Your car, phone and laptop, even the chair you are sitting in. As one of the most expensive items we will deal with, property deserves attention to detail, care and passion. It deserves Exposure Property Marketing. You see we aren’t jack of all trades, every day we photograph property. That’s it. So nobody photographs it better than we do. There is no substitute for experience particularly when faced with a difficult property to shoot and we have shot thousands of houses. From the humble back-to-back to humongous marble clad mansion we have seen it all. And more importantly we’ve made them all look not just good, but fantastic.

Using high end professional kit, with even more high end photographers we carefully compose, dress and light rooms to create realistic and beautiful photographs that take the viewer on a journey. Teasing, tempting and leaving them with everything they need to know to take their interest further. We are happy to take instructions if you have specific shots in mind, or if you prefer you can leave it in our safe hands.  All our photographs are carefully composed with particular attention paid to dressing the internal shots. We light our photographs with multiple flashes for a balanced and natural looking exposure, they are then processed in-house by the very same photographer to balance colours and fine tune the final image. Your images will be available to download within 24 hours of our visit.


Property photography is a fantastic way to present anything from individual houses to complete developments and holiday lets. Our property photographers work throughout Yorkshire, covering places such as York, Leeds, Harrogate, Wetherby and Hull.

Individual Residences

With a range of values from tens of thousands to tens of millions our photographer will work to understand the home and all it has to offer. They will then set about carefully planning the shoot to deliver the right photographs for the house, taking into consideration your input and the purpose of the photographs. No two houses are ever the same and it takes experience to know what will take a great picture and what is best to avoid. We’re confident you’ll never have seen your property look so good.

New Builds & Developments

Whether staged or empty, our property photography will be sure to pick out the details that matter, making the most of everything the property has to offer. A mix of wider room and detailed lifestyle shots will offer intrigue while successfully conveying the space, materials and finishes on offer. For whole developments our external photography work will make the most of not just the development but the surrounding area and amenities too. After all our interior and exterior property photography is the complete package. We also offer virtual staging as a way to demonstrate empty spaces with furniture.

Holiday Lets

Nobody wants to turn up on the first day of their long awaited holiday to be disappointed. And so great photographs are absolutely key to giving holiday makers the confidence to book themselves in for a stay. We’ll make sure that all the quirks and perks that make your holiday let amazing are carried across to potential travellers leaving them in no doubt about where they are going to make their booking.