Rain or Shine – A Weather guide to Photographing your Property

In an ideal world, I wouldn’t be writing this post. But as the rain hammers down on the skylight above my head and the window to my side is filled with glorious blue sky it’s clear our weather is far from perfect.

This post is intended to be a guide as to what the weather will mean for you and your visit from one of property photographers.

We look at forecasts multiple times a day to try and gauge what the weather will be doing and when. 75% of the time we need not have bothered as the weather on the day bears no resemblance to that of the forecast. So in the event the weather isn’t what we expected it to be here are some of the weather conditions we will encounter and the likely outcomes for you the homeowner.


Sun and Blue Skies

Perfect. See you there.

Sunshine and Showers

We’ll likely be at your property for an hour or more which should hopefully give us the opportunity to time the outside photographs with the sun shining. Our digital blue skies can replace any stormy clouds and as long as the sun is shining they really do look the business.


For internal photographs this doesn’t usually present a problem. The softer light can be a great asset to creating more pleasing internal photographs. This is even more evident in barn conversions, properties in built up areas and any houses with small windows, thick external walls or that are relatively dark inside. It’s important to emphasise that quantity of light is not important for interior photographs as we always use a tripod so lower light levels can be counteracted with a longer shutter speed. If your property has large expanses of glass with great views it may be better for us to cancel the appointment and rebook for sunny weather. Externally we will take the photographs on the day and can add blue skies at the agents request. For properties with land and where the externals are particularly important we will usually be asked to revisit by the agent, but it may be worth requesting this once you have seen the photographs.


For internals, see overcast as again this doesn’t usually present a problem. Externally if there are no breaks in the rain we may only be able to grab some quick snaps until suitable weather allows us to revisit, again your agent will reschedule this with us.


If you property is urban this is unlikely to present us with any problems when capturing the interiors. However if there are country views it may be best to reschedule. Externally there is very little we can do and we would need to revisit in better weather.


Sometimes snow can make for a beautiful external shot, particularly if the snow has recently fallen and lays undisturbed. Internal photographs can often work quite well too with the reflected light brightening interior rooms providing there is no full length glass to show the snow and date the photographs. If the property hasn’t sold within a few weeks any snowy shots would probably need to be reshot.