A Surprising Terraced House

York has more than its fair share of period terraced houses; Victorian, Georgian or as with this example, early Edwardian. They vary from the flat fronted two up-two down terrace which can still be found for less than £200k to five storey town houses selling in excess of £2million.

What I love about the humble terrace is

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Lifestyle and Feature Interior Photographs

Photographing the whole room in houses gives the viewer a sense of scale and space. These are essential shots for a prospective homeowner as you can see how a room is laid out and even how it connects via doorways or openings to other rooms in the house. We also take lifestyle and feature shots, a lifestyle shot is a snippet of how the current homeowners make use of a certain space or area in a house. The example below shows a

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York House Photographer – A semi-detached home; case study

There is no doubt about it. How well presented your house is plays a key part in the sale price and how long it takes to achieve a sale. Houses that are well presented and in move in condition will sell quicker and for more money than similar houses that don’t look as good. The ethos is simple, the more aspirational your house looks, whether in York or anywhere around the country, the more people will aspire to buy it.

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Getting ready to sell your property

We often get asked how best to stage and style a home ready for our visit when we call to make the appointment. Unfortunately by the time we are calling it is usually too late, unless you live extremely tidily or you are happy to wait a week or two whilst you prepare. One of our photographers has recently sold their own property and it took almost three weeks of meticulous decluttering and preparation to ensure that the shots were as good as they could be.
We often hear a whole host of reasons why the property is not presented very well from running out of time to messy children and my favourite one, that if people saw very tidy photos they would be disappointed on the viewing!!
It is well documented that a clean and tidy home sells quicker and for more money, so why would you choose to overlook the presentation of your home for the photographs and viewings?

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Lighting property photographs; Why do we do it?

Lighting property photographs is one of the most important things when it comes to getting great results, time after time in a range of different situations. Good, effective lighting is also one of the most difficult parts of interior photography to master. It takes a great deal of practice and experience to know how to light spaces in a way that looks natural and enhances the room. It’s fairly straightforward to fire a flash into a room and make everything look brighter, but that’s not what I am talking about here. Good lighting almost never comes from an on camera flash, and even less so from a direct on-camera flash. If you were to take a picture of a room from directly in front of the only window the results would not be nice. There would be little shadow and depth to the room and items in it. That’s pretty much what on camera, direct flash is and that’s neither flattering nor realistic. Great additional lighting only comes when you have the tools and the experience to use them properly.

Below are a few examples where we have added light to the shot to improve the end result. Lighting is not only key when it comes to illuminating a space (or series of spaces) but is so important to enhancing depth, texture and mood as these examples show.

Log Burner:

To enable us to catch the detail in the flames of this log burner, the rest of the room was much to dark. By adding light we were not only able to improve the brightness levels of the room but also to bring out the texture and details in the bricks, stove and mantle piece.

Log Burner Before Log Burner After

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2015 – A Year of Garden Photography

From tennis courts, tiny courtyards and amazing balconies to spectacular views and boating lakes (yes boating lakes) 2015 has seen a great variety of amazing gardens. We’ve even managed to get lots of sunshine and blue skies which, at the moment, is nothing short of a distant memory. There’s no doubt that a garden not only increases the saleability of your house but its value too. Well used, designed and cared for gardens can be a massive draw and making sure whatever you have is put to its best use will help ensure you sell your house quickly, easily and

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Winner of Photography for Real Estate; Photographer of the Month

We’re delighted to announce that Alasdair has won the Photography for Real Estate, photographer of the month for August with the image below.
The competition receives entries from around the globe by some of the best photographers in the field and judged by many of the top names in the business. After three second places it’s great to finally have a winning entry!

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external property photograph

One Photograph to Sell a Home

The lead photograph can have an enormous effect on the saleability and indeed sale price of a property. It can be true to say that you have one photograph to sell a home. How good a house looks in the main shot is down to a number of factors and not just how good the house looks in the flesh. A pretty house helps but if it doesn’t get the sun (possible for some months of the year), tree cover prevents views of the house from the best viewpoint or obstructions such as garages hide part of the house the photographs can suffer.

We know just how important the main shot is. And that’s why we’ll do everything we can to get the absolute best shot possible. Only last Thursday I carried the elevated mast through an ash tree and 10 metres of nine foot high ferns to get a good vantage point of this house. Even from this vantage point I need the mast at its full nine metres to see over the ferns and show its fantastic setting.

House Farm-001West Yorkshire country house

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photographing houses in snowy weather

Rain or Shine – A Weather guide to Photographing your Property

In an ideal world, I wouldn’t be writing this post. But as the rain hammers down on the skylight above my head and the window to my side is filled with glorious blue sky it’s clear our weather is far from perfect.

This post is intended to be a guide as to what the weather will mean for you and your visit from one of property photographers.

We look at forecasts multiple times a day to try and gauge what the weather will be doing and when. 75% of the time we need not have bothered as the weather on the day bears no resemblance to that of the forecast. So in the event the weather isn’t what we expected it to be here are some of the weather conditions we will encounter and the likely outcomes for you the homeowner.

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