Virtual Dusk Photography

There is no denying that a well executed dusk shot on the right home does wonders for a marketing campaign. However before you rush to pick up the phone, there’s no getting away from it, dusk shots are not within everyone’s budget, they are time consuming and depending on the time of year sometimes need one of our team on location as late as 10:30pm.

Hear is a shot we took back in 2015 and this property was spectacular at night, the seller was happy to pay us to get this just right as the shot was so crucial to the marketing campaign.  This property was an architect design property with plenty of glass at the rear and the result is impressive.



But if you want to stand out from the crowd without such a unique home and your budget is more limited then a virtual dusk shot could be just the ticket. We take the shot during daylight along with the rest of the photographs and then using our highly skilled team we transform the shot to look as if it were taken at night.

Here you can see the transformation for yourself.





Here is a selection of real dusk shots for comparison, including the virtual shot, see if you would have been able to pick it out easily.