York House Photographer – A semi-detached home; case study

There is no doubt about it. How well presented your house is plays a key part in the sale price and how long it takes to achieve a sale. Houses that are well presented and in move in condition will sell quicker and for more money than similar houses that don’t look as good. The ethos is simple, the more aspirational your house looks, whether in York or anywhere around the country, the more people will aspire to buy it.

It’s Down to our House Photographer

If you’ve done your bit of making your house nice, it’s then down to us to make it look as good as possible. This is where we excel. With over 18 years in the industry and billions of pounds worth or property photographed by us we know just what to do to bring out the best in your property. On paper the job of a house photographer is simple. Take pictures of the home so that people can see what it looks like. The problem is a camera doesn’t see as people do. It has no sense of special awareness, cannot record the contrast between light and dark, cannot adjust for unflattering colour casts, cannot record in three dimensions and has no comprehension of how a property feels.

Fortunately we do. And we know how to get this across in the images. We know how to take photographs that intrigue and entice, we know how to hook people in and get that viewing booked. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve visited a property that has failed to sell and been taken aback by how beautiful, well laid out, or homely the house is when compared with the old photographs. It’s extremely easy to make a house look undesirable in photographs and if the photographer doesn’t have the experience, knowledge and the passion to get the best out of every house then you will be selling yourself, and your home, short.

This lovely semi-detached property clearly has owners that love it. Owners that have made the most of its plot and created spaces with a great deal of thought. I produced a mix of photographs that tell viewers not just about the bricks and mortar but about what it’s like to live here. Photography that really tell the story of this home.